Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hats Off to You!

We had our annual Christmas party for the office last night.  It's nice for us to get together and let our hair down a bit.  You know, because we're so serious all the time.

Let me introduce you to Annette.  She's the one with the hat.  She is my friend and coworker, a classic Southern lady and is flat out NUTS. (She reads this blog, so this is nothing I wouldn't tell her to her face.)   Well, last night, the party began when she walked through the door.  (like normal)  You see, Annette wore this gorgeous hat, and brought others to share.   By the way, Annette is with Tracy, our little coworker who is pregnant with twins!!

 Annette and Mary showing off dem hats.

 After a very short while, I noticed everyone began flocking to the hats.  (translation:  when the inhibitions fell away, everyone wanted to wear one)

 Not only did everyone want to wear a hat, but they wanted to be pictured NEAR the hats.

 And we all began our Top Model Posing.

 I'm seriously amazed how good everyone looks in hats.

 This hat made a repeat appearance from last year's party.  It has also attended hat day at work, and many a funeral.

 But, I do think this little red number was this year's fave.

There's always ONE who looks sad in a hat.  I do love a hat, but they don't love my big head.

 Now, Steven is one who can wear any type of hat.  And he does.

Thanks for bringing the fun TBONE.  Bwaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Mary said...

Oh my gracious. I had too much fun in those hats (obviously). Thanks for putting on another great party!

SPT said...

The Brits know a good hat when they see one. Steven looks seriously hot in that hat! xoxo

mel said...

What incredible fun!!

Ju, you look great!

Now, wait a minute, tho....Mary works with you? I didn't know that...did I? Or am I finally just putting the pieces together?

You have so many friends it is hard to keep them all straight!

PS - I thought you were going to stay in bed all day on Sunday??

JuJu said...

Mel, we don't work with Mary, we work with Larry! That's how we all met.

And, I DID stay in bed all day. I blogged from bed. :-)

sherri s. said...

Love the hats! (Just don't put one on a bed--bad luck, said my granny). I have a teeny tiny head, so hats often come down to my earlobes... Looks like a lot of fun!

word: bleyede

Ma hayed bleyede when I fell down them durn stairs!

mel said...

You work with Larry....well who knew?! I love when pieces of the puzzle start fitting together!