Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mafalda Von and the Hot Pink Couch

Today, I had lunch with my friend, Mafalda.  We were celebating her birthday.  We met for lunch at the cutest little restaurant, that just happened to be the place where our work Christmas party was held.  The weather was nice enough that we were able to sit outside while we ate.

I've known Mafalda for about five years now.  I always leave her feeling inspired and a bit giggly.  I met Mafalda through work, via her daughter.  (who also happens to be named Judy, albeit Judy with a "y" not an "i.")  Judy would tell me stories about her mom, how she just LOVED my boss.  (my boss is on tv a lot, so he is a well known figure in our little town)  She would send him letters commenting on his commercials and his ties.  I think one of her biggest thrills was the time she met him while in our office. 

Mafalda turned 93 today.  She's as sharp as a tack, despite having suffered a heart attack, a couple strokes (the most recent being in February of this year), breast cancer, glaucoma, and the loss of all her siblings.  There is one exception; her sister, Mary, is 102!  She always asks how my lovely daughter is.  She asks about Steven.  She asks about my grandmother, who is also 93, and no matter what I say, she responds, "God bless her."  She loves my fingernail polish.  She and her daughter watch Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor.  She loves her dog, Luke.  And, today, I found out that she loves coconut cake.  She is feisty, she is kind, and she's a treasure!

I hope I get to celebrate many more birthdays with Mafalda Von. 


Well, we have a new addition to our house.  We bought this pink couch yesterday. I found it on Craig's List.  I plan to put it in our 3rd bedroom.  Right now, there's too much junk in there for it to fit, but I thought I'd show you pictures anyway.  It also REEKS of dog, so I'm going to have to work on that quite a bit.  But, if I can get out the smell, and get rid of the twin bed (anyone need one?) in there, find a way to hide all our vacuums, and camoflauge the ironing board,  then I think I'll really be on to something.  :-)

Right now, it's on its side.  Rockett is digging the smells.  P U

No, I don't have hard wood ceilings.  This picture is turned upside down so you can see the shape of it.  Pretty fancy, eh?  :-)  I needed this thing like I need a hole in my head, but people, I just HAD to have it.


mel said...

What wonderful friends you have, Ju!

The couch is gorgeous!!

I hope the dog smell comes out...I don't know how vinegar would work on a pink couch but when Lea vomited on ours it really smelled for a while but then I wiped it down (a lot!) with vinegar and water and sat the cushion in the sun for a couple of days and viola! Like new.

mel said...

PS - it smelled like vinegar for a day or two but that seems to always fade.

mel said...

PPS - Why didn't my mom give me a name like Mafalda??

Mrs. Doctor Jackson said...

I think that the hot pink couch is fab-u-lous.

And, I wish that I had a friend like Mafalda!

sherri s. said...

Rock on, Mafalda! Love her...and I love that she's wearing a comfy frock...can't wait until I hit the housedress/muu muu/tent dress section of my life.

That couch matches your sometime hair color, doesn't it? How awesome is THAT?

SPT said...

That couch is crying for girlfriends to sit on it drinking cocktails.

Do you know that every single piece of furniture in our house (other than my bedroom set) is from craigs's list? I am a lover of all things Craigs List. Craigs List is the bomb.

tabithalovins said...

where did you get that ciouch omg i think im in love lol