Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Ducks and Speculums

Look what I saw today!!  We were on our way to work, and Steven pulled into the duck pond and this is what we saw.

Say it with me --- awwwwwwwww.

Mama and her babies were so brave.  They waddled right over to me to say good morning.  (Yeah, I know they were looking for food, but let me pretend here for a minute.)  What a great way to start a day; with cute little baby ducks.

I love her feet in this one. Mama is pigeon-toed?

After we had seen the ducks, and I dropped Steven at work, I went for my annual obgyn check up.  (Don't worry, nothing gross is gonna happen!)  As I sat in the waiting room, a pregnant woman and dad came into the office.  That man was SO uncomfortable sitting in that room.  You could see it all over his face and body language.  I mean, why was HE uncomfortable?  It made me giggle a bit and OH he was so relieved when he was called out of that room with all those W O M E N.

I love my doctor, she's great.  She was telling me that she had delivered two babies that morning.  Actually, I think she probably delivered two babies before I was even out of bed.  I started thinking that no matter what I did with my day, no way could it top that.  Actually, no matter what I did with ANY of my days would it ever top that.    Huh.  That's kinda humbling.

As I waited to go in for my exam, I saw these sitting on a table staring at me:

Speculum Soup.


I like these little guys much better. 


Mrs. Doctor Jackson said...

awwwwww.. i like those little guys much better too!

mel said...

That's my Ju -- looking for blog pics all time, even at the ob-gyn!

Darla said...

Judi, I agree with you; I like the chicks better, too! Thanks goodness the OB/GYN is only once a year!

Mary said...

Hahahah, that made me laugh. I would def pick those little furry dudes over those awful, cold, metal torture devices.

Sherri said...

Good grief! Make way for speculae, um, ducklings! Too cute. I never have the nerve to get out my camera in the doctor's office...afraid they'll walk in on me!

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