Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day One and I'm Pooped

Okay, if we're keeping score, NYC is winning 1-0 against the JuJu.  I'm whipped! 

Granted, we got up at 5:00 this morning, went to the airport, flew to NYC, took the shuttle to the hotel, checked in (thank you Doubletree for letting us in early), walked to the Empire State Building, oohed and ahhed along the way, went to the top of the ESB, looked around, went back down, ate lunch, walked back, did some shopping, took a nap, went to Chinatown, went to the East Village, and now we're back.

Whew.  Let me catch my breath.  And, I apologize for the run-on sentence, but I was trying to make a point.  :-)

Here's what I've discovered thus far:

Chinese wedding receptions look like a lot of fun.
Steamed Dumplings at the Golden Unicorn look a bit like testicles. 
There's a lot of horn honking going on here.
That Forever 21 store plays some LOUD music.
Most people are pretty darn friendly.
Don't try to take a picture of the picture they take of you at the Empire State Building.  That's a no no.

My feet hurt.  My back hurts.  But, my spirit is doing good.  The first thing I saw was a sign for Billy Elliott, so I'm psyched about that.  (Tomorrow!)  I look forward to more advenutres tomorrow.  Here's some pix from day one:

Awwww.  My little tourists.

Here's my favorite dork:

And Harry Potter gone blonde---


KarenSue said...

I was looking for a picture of you! What fun.
Enjoy your time!

SPT said...

I'm not sure I can read your NYC posts. It makes me miss it so much I can taste it!

Cici said...

You are gonna need some vacation after this vacation. I'm so jealous.

mel said...

And how did you do today, Ju????

Sherri said...

How fun! But exhausting, yes: New York wears me out more than any city I've visited (well, Hong Kong was pretty overwhelming!). You can rest when you get back--that's my motto, much to my husband's chagrin ("no time for naps, honey, we have every tourist attraction known to man to check off our list in the next three days.").