Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a Few Portugal Pix

I was reviewing photos tonight, and came across these from Portugal.  It sure was pretty there!

These photos are from the city of Porto.

It was a quaint town.  I enjoyed it more than Lisbon.

This was our hotel.  Our room as at the right corner.  It had a great view of the square.

Porto is a river town.  I think I just have to have some water nearby.  I always feel more relaxed.

I sure am feeling lucky tonight, to have had the opportunity to see so many beautiful places in my life.


Sherri said...

Ah, so picturesque! Lovely...I love to travel but hate to TRAVEL, if you know what I mean--I'm such a creature of habit and a homebody. The packing and flying and hotelling. Ugh. Seeing new places and eating new food and meeting new people? Love it!

mel said...

What beautiful pictures!

And, more importantly, what wonderful memories.