Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night With Rockett Dog

My dog loves her babies.  However, she tends to be a bit of an "anti-squeak" type of dog. Her first task with any new baby is to rid them of the squeak.  Meet her newest baby--Rainbow Bone.

Her single purpose in life is to rid the world of squeaks.

Nothing will deter her from her task.

She has other babies who have survived the Squeak Kill. From L to R, we have:

Pig Horse, Pink Possum and Suspicious Chicken

She has a toy box in our bedroom.  It reminds me of the "Land of Misfit Toys" from Rudolph.

All Squeak Toys are elsewhere.

Bonus Picture:  Bailey on the side of the couch while I type:


mel said...

I know your babies are so happy you are home!

PS - I LOVE your comment above!!

JuJu said...

Which comment is that? I'm so confused?

sherri s. said...

Rockett!!!!! So very very darling...I think Tallulah Mae is a long-lost cousin, don't you? Tallulah likes the squeakies...she'll stand in front of you and squeak it until you feel like ripping it out of the toy with your own teeth...her favorite "toy" is an old slipper, though, which she tosses up in the air.