Friday, May 14, 2010

Sign Me Up

There are so many signs in New York.  But, the signs are so cool.  I love the signs in Times Square.  They are tall, bright animated and fun.  (Steven is still having visions of the M&M's from their big jumbo tron!)  Personally, I love all the Broadway signs.

This one ---------> was just outside our hotel.  I've never seen Phantom, but I did love when David Cook sang, "Music of the Night" on American Idol.  NOTE:  David Cook is my all time favorite Idol. 

I would have been happy with just these Broadway signs.  That part of NYC is a dream come true.

And the Subway signs are just as cool. 

Although, to be honest, I spent the whole trip being confused about North/South, Uptown/Downtown.  I'm normally very good with directions.  But, something happened to me up there, I was flat out cornswaggled.  (whatever that is!)

Then there's just some miscellaneous ones that I loved.

And finally, the one that really ticked me off....  :-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Kiss My @#$$$.

Happy Weekend Friends!


mel said...

I told you NYCers are healthy! Walking up, down, uptown, downtown - NYCers are always walking. We have got to get you into it, Ju.

I should have explained Manhattan to you - it is pretty easy to get around once you have a mental map.

Keep blogging more about NYC - I am SO interested in your perceptions of it all.

Jan, David, Rose and Grace said...

Love the photos of all the Broadway signs. I want to gooooooooo!

Mrs. Doctor Jackson said...

phantom is the best. i've seen it twice on broadway and would gladly see it for a second.

but, hands down, wicked is my absolute favorite. it literally blew me away.

billy elliot is on my list! looks like you all had a blast!