Friday, May 21, 2010

Full Plate

I'm sitting here in my favorite Friday night position:  on the couch in front of the boob tube.  (how funny is that term, "boob tube?" ) I let my mind wander a bit, hoping to think of something interesting on which to blog.  Steven told me I had a distant look on my face.  I can only imagine what that looks like.

Then, I started thinking about what I have on my plate.  And, I realized that I have a crazy couple of months ahead of me.  The good news is that this makes for much blog fodder.  The bad news is that I have a feeling I won't get as many Friday Night Couch Boob Tube Moments.  Ah well, you only live once, eh?

Here's the agenda for the next two months:

Memorial Day Weekend - We travel to Hilton Head with two other couples.  We have been invited to stay at a friend's house.  I've never been to HH, other than to drive around the town.  I am sure it will be a great place to ring in Summer, 2010.  Also, on this weekend, we will be attending the Wombwell's annual Memorial Day Party.  By that Monday of the weekend, I will need to dry out.

June 4-7 - We head back to Phoenix; the boy and I, Taylor and Jake.  We will again stay with my aunt and uncle at their gorgeous home in the desert.  It will be the first time my aunt and uncle have seen Jake since my dad's funeral nine years ago.  We will celebrate Jake's graduation from Oklahoma State, and wish him luck on law school at the University of Texas.  While there, we will also celebrate Steven's 42nd birthday.  (such a babe!)  I hope I remember to pack his presents. 

June 12 - England v. USA.  World Cup Party.  Holland and New Zealand make an appearance and root for England.  (yes, give me abuse now. Of course, I want the USA to do well, but I love those English boys.   I know these players!!)  This kicks off the crazy World Cup month.  We will watch as many games as humanly possible, and depending on how England performs, there could be many more parties.

June 19 -  Furry Affair.  This is the fundraiser for the Charleston Animal Society.  It's a great night of drinks and finger foods; including oysters.  (if there are any to be had--thanks BP)  Steven will be busy up until the day, preparing his artwork.  He's a good boy.

June 27 - And, all of a sudden, it's Taylor's birthday.  She turns 18.  All she wants for her birthday is a tattoo and a cake.  A jellyfish tattoo and a red velvet cake.  Mom, do NOT mix those two things up. 

July 4 -  Now, it's the halfway point of the summer.  World Cup is still ongoing.  I'm broke at this point from all the travels, birthdays and graduations.  But, let's keep going folks.

July 21 - Hello Dave, good to see you again!  We will see DMB in Charlotte on the 21st.  They announced that they will not tour in 2011, so this will have to tide me over until 2012.  I guess after 20 years of continuous touring, he's allowed to have a year off.

August and September - We are going to see Jonny Lang in Charlotte, and that is all that is currently planned for August.  We go to Florida the first week in September.  I am hoping to goodness that will be the week when I sit and do nothing.  I hope the rental house has a boob tube.  I'm guessing by that point, I'm gonna need to chillllllllllll.

REALIZATION OF THE WEEK:  Okay, I looked in the mirror and realized I have new wrinkles.  My mouth, and it's side lines, now looks like that of a ventriloquist's dummy.  Call me JuJu McCarthy.



mel said...

You are so funny!

What a summer, Ju!

I have Cath next weekend! And staying with my mom for a week in June. And my brother comes out in July. And I am going to Iowa in August to see Cath. And then we move Michael back to college and it is Fall.

See? I can only do one thing a month but you? A veritable whirlwind!

Let's make that this week's word - - veritable.

SPT said...

My summer is going to give me a veritable headache, that's for sure. 3 boys + me. Surely there will be lots of broken windows, fights, and screaming matches. Wooohooo!

I have 3 things this summer - "camping" in yosemite the weekend after memorial day. going to some nature ranch in june with aaron's extended family (will have to blog about this) in oregon, and then 1.5 weeks in the midwest visiting aaron's parents in WI, sister in MI and brother in KY.

JuJu said...

These two words scare me:

Nature Ranch.

mel said...

Yosemite - so cool!

Is it me or were we just yesterday talking about 'camp sandie'?? Was that last summer???

mel said...

Ju, you are funny.

I think we need to get you to a Dude Ranch.

angie128 said...

I am tired from reading this.

You're going to need about 6 of those tiny little travel toothpaste tubes.

Darla said...

You are one busy woman...but aren't you forgetting heading to Hotlanta in late August? Or has that been put on the back burner?

I have never been to HH either. Have wanted to go, but not sure about the crowds. We love Jekyll because you are pretty much the only ones on the beach!!

We are watching the French Open right now, and looking forward to the World Cup, too!! Go England!