Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekends Rock

Duh.  We all know weekends are good.  I'm stating the obvious.  But, sometimes it just needs to be reiterated folks.  Weekends rock.

We went to a very tame pig roast yesterday.  Compared to last year's, this was a tea party.  So, not much blog fodder, but I did meet two very interesting birds.  This little fella is named Henry.  (the gal is my friend, Kristen)  Henry also goes by the name, "Tweet."  He was the friendliest bird!  He was very social, and enjoyed sitting on my arm, shoulder, hand.  However, he did not like my fingernails.  What's not to like about Black Cherry Chutney???

This was the other dude, Harley.  He was very vocal.  I personally enjoyed his wolf whistle.  He loved his daddy, and stuck close to him.

I dumped a ton of junk this weekend.  Oh, that felt good.  SANDIE inspired me.  It's amazing how good it feels to clear out crap.

I didn't get a lot of naps this weekend, but I did accomplish a few things.  I've even started my grocery list for the long holiday weekend.  Feeling organized again folks.  Now, if I can find an orange tutu, I'll be ahead of the game...

So, no real excitement to report, other than I'm starting the week feeling good about where I am.  That's what weekends do for me; REJUVENATE!

And, it's always great to spend time with friends. Hello Kristen!


sherri s. said...

How did the bird express his displeasure at your nails? Too funny! I absolutely adore watching birds in the wild, but I have an odd little phobia about pet birds. Actually, it all started when I was about 6 and was in line with my mom at, I think, a K-Mart (where we shopped ALL the time!). Next to the cash register was junky stuff, like at a Target now...and I idly picked up what I thought was a little stuffed or rubber bird--but it was a real DEAD bird!!!!! (Guess K-Mart used to sell pets? It was a little canary...) My mom, never the calmest of people, freaked out and started screaming. Sigh.

mel said...

I LOVE that Sandie inspired you!

Do you have a place for the pink sofa yet?