Friday, May 7, 2010

Trip Eve

In 12 hours, we will be in New York City.  Aint modern technology grand?

The last time I was in NYC, I was 16 years old.  I had not yet had my date with Pete Grimes   (read that horrific tale here), cell phones didn't exist, internet, what?   It was 1979 for heck's sake.  I remember I wore these pink socks with sparkly silver thread running through them.  I had no color in my hair, I was probably a size 9, and my boobs were non-existant.

My, how things have changed....Let's just leave it with I have no idea what my natural color is anymore.

Anyway, while there, I saw, "Annie."  I was there with my longtime friend, Laura Hoeppner, and we thought were were so cool.  I still have a photo of the two of us in our hotel room.  The picture says different on that cool factor.

So, now 30 years later, I'm going back.  I wonder if it's changed any?    Other than my hair, my pant size and the size of my boobs, I'm still the same cool 16 year old.    (I'm just STUCK in this 46 year old body)  This time, I'm taking my 17 year old and my 41 year old.  Taylor was in NYC a couple summers ago, but Steven has never been.  I think he is literally salivating at all the photo ops that await him. Me?  I'm excited to see Billy Elliot on Broadway and eat good Italian food.

I'm super excited as it means I'll have some blog fodder!  And, speaking of blogs, I'm going to get to spend some time with a really neat lady; whom I met through the blogosphere.  It's such a treat to spend time face to face, after a year of building our friendship.

And I plan to eat every single bagel in the city.  Seriously.

See ya from the big apple baby!


SPT said...

So jealous for so many reasons - mel, bagels, the energy of the city. Take it all in, girl.

mel said...

JU rocks NYC!