Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crisis on Brownen Court

Our ice maker is broken.

I'm about to go off the deep end people.

I love ice like nobody's business.  I know all the restaurants and gas stations that have "good"  ice.  Sonic, Zaxby's and the Sunoco have good ice.  What constitutes good ice?  Small pellet type particles of frozen water are the best.  They're great for chewing.  (although, I find myself doing this less and less; I'm afraid of cracking a tooth!)  They keep your soda, water, or tea the perfect temperature.  I am particular about the amount of ice in my drink.  (more than less, please)  If my drink is presented to me with minimal ice, I ask for an extra cup of ice.  The ratio of drink to ice must be exact, or the moment is ruined. 

I also enjoy crushed ice.  Our refrigerator ice maker, when working, has a crushed ice feature.  I save this for special occasions.  It makes the drink feel extra exciting and fun!

So, for two days, we've had no ice in the house.  I'm starting to panic.  Yes, I know we can use those horrible plastic things and MAKE our own ice, but it's not the same.  I like to put my cup up to the dispenser and listen to those little beauties tumble into my glass.  I like to put a LOT of ice in my drink, to the rim, please.  I like the security of knowing that each time I go to the freezer, ice will be waiting for me.  I guess when I was growing up, I must have run into a lot of empty ice trays in my house.  I'm always afraid of not having any. 

I'm working on keeping my fears in check, but I dread living in a world without easy access to ice.  I'll let you know if and when I hear the golden "kerplunk" of the ice dropping.  Until then, it's me and my lukewarm drink, signing out for the night.


mel said...

Oh, I am with you. There is something so essential about automatic ice now. I can't live without it.

PS - cautionary tale - I am a reformed chewer of ice, having broken a tooth doing that...

sherri s. said...

Oh no...iceless in Goose Creek! Just goes to show you: I don't like ice out of automatic makers! Tastes weird (and fuzzy) to me. We fill up plastic trays, the old-fashioned way!

word: mytoc

Mytoc(s) are too big--I need to buy bigger jeans!

Grandma K said...

Oh, the death of the ice maker is serious! We can't live without ours very long.

I hope your is fixed very, very soon.