Friday, April 15, 2011

Losing a Part of Life

I can remember the very first time I saw a soap opera.  I'm guessing I was around 10 years old, and my mom was watching, "Guiding Light."  Holly was in a coma in the hospital and she was battling pneumonia.  For some reason, this whole scenario caught my eye.  I don't know if it was Holly's plight, or the idea of actually watching TV with my mom that intrigued me.  But, I became interested.

I remember asking my mom "whatever happened to that lady" on your show.  Once she answered,  (by the way, she lived!) I think I was hooked.  I watched Guiding Light, faithfully, until I was  about 30.  And because my mom also watched , "As the World Turns," I did as well.  I fashioned my hair after Colleen Zenk.  (I also fashioned my hair after Dorothy Hammill)  Our soaps were one of the things my mom and I would always discuss.  These people were safe to discuss, love and criticize.

The summer after I graduated from high school, I would meet at Sue Filer's house, and we would watch GL with her brother, his friend, and her sister.  That was a great summer.  We were all in love with Kelly, and laughed at Nola.  Phillip was hot.  Again, it was a bonding thing for all of us.  These young folks were our friends.  They just happened to dress WAY cooler than we did.

When I started college, I added All My Children to my repertoire of shows.  This was back in the day of Jenny and Greg, Angie and Jesse, and the big jet ski accident.  Sniff Sniff.  I added Days of Our Lives in the mix when Taylor was a baby, but have since remained true to only AMC.  My absolute all time favorite love story was that of Leo and Greenlee, and I am still not over Leo's "death."  I weeped when Jesse and Angie were reunited after so many years apart.  And, I honestly (and strangely) believe Tad is my buddy. 

For years at work, we would all watch AMC during our lunch hour.  GUYS and the gals.  It was another bonding experience for us, and we would discuss how stoopid these people were for days!!  (Our biggest anger was reserved for Matteo!)  It gave us all something to discuss besides work.  Since we're a law office, the trials were always an office fave!

Guiding Light and As the World Turns are now off the air.  And, just yesterday, AMC and OLTL were canceled.  Soaps are going by the wayside, and being replaced by reality and talk shows.  And, that just  makes me sad.  These "people" and their families have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  They grow older as I do.  As my family grows, so does theirs.  It will be so strange to not see them or know what happens to them.  (and honestly, how does one successfully "wrap up" a soap opera?)  What in the world will happen to Erica Kane? 

I will miss my TV friends and the way they helped me make other friends.  But hey, I guess I can watch the reality show that replaces it....



SPT said...

OMG - philip and beth, rick and mindy. they were my grade school (or was it high school?) obsession. raced home from the bus stop to make it home by 3 when they came on. And don't for get Tim and Morgan. I loved Kevin Bacon way before anyone knew who he was!

My mom recorded the last ever episode of GL for me. I watched it and couldn't believe it. It was definitely not the dallas-esque drama of its heydey. But Reva and Josh did ride off into the Sunset together.

mel said...

I LOVED Jessie and Angie - they were so cool and it just seemed like true love.