Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feel Good Friday

With regards to the blog title, I meant to post this yesterday, and I really liked the play on words.  (what with it being Good Friday and all that?)  But, I was lazy, and didn't get around to it until today, but I'm still going with it.

You see, there was reason to celebrate this week.  There were some serious feel good moments, and since those can be few and far between, I do my best to prolong the celebration for as long as possible!

All this goodness started last weekend when we celebrated with our dear friend, Dusti.  You remember Dusti, I'm sure, but in case you don't, here she is:

Since I've known Dusti, she's been working on her doctorate. She's worked, sacrificed, stressed, and stressed some more, but she's finally done!  We can officially call her Dr. Dusti!  So, last weekend, we celebrated and smiled and laughed.  I even held her dissertation.  I read one page, and was lost.  But, I do have a picture of it.

CONGRATS to Dusti.  Well done!!

And, then this week at work, we had the long awaited shower for a coworker of mine.  It was scheduled to be held in February. However, Tracy went out on bed rest in January.  She was pregnant with twins, and they were very anxious to make their appearance.  So, she spent eight weeks on bed rest to keep them cooking.  And, now two healthy baby boys are here, and we all got to meet them this week.  Here are the  lucky parents---

I hired Tracy when she was just 19, and now she's a grown lady in her 30s with TWINS!  It's like watching my own daughter grow up.   Her husband, Chris, is a police office in our little town, don't you just love this diaper cake??

I think we all take for granted the true miracle of childbirth. Conception, pregnancy and deliveries are amazing things.  And, then we get these little wonders in our lives.

Ummmm, I think this one is Andrew?

And, this is Ryan. 

They are just now tipping the scales at a hefty 5 pounds.  Hello, my left boob weighs more than that.
I digress.  

I hope you all found something to celebrate this week.  If not, I offer you this next picture.  Go ahead, I'm happy to share it with you.
True beauty.


mel said...

YOU are the miracle.

Love you, sweet JuJu.

Grandma K said...

Singletons are miracles, but twins are awe inspiring! Thanks for sharing.