Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Queen City and Jonny Lang

Reflections from our 48 hour getaway to Charlotte, sprinkled with some photos of the Jonny Lang concert.

Jonny Lang has a red bus.  I love red.  I love Jonny Lang.  I love that big red bus.

Don't ever mess with a Waffle House waitress or cook.  WOW.  It was a tense situation at the Tryon Street Waffle House on April 8th.  My money was on the waitress to come out ahead in that deal.

IKEA is huge. 

There were some seriously bad hairdos at the concert.  WHOA.

Beers for $11?  Each?

Every time I hear, "Breakin Me," I feel like crying.  (Listen here if you like!)

Steven and I had fun playing 'People Bingo.'  It's a great people watching game.

I was very tempted to go to sleep on each of the IKEA beds I passed.

Not sure how many times we've seen Jonny Lang now, but I always leave more and more impressed than the time before.

I love being in a big city and using public transportation or walking.

I do love a chandelier in a music hall.

Here's the R-Rated part---please skip through if you are easily offended--- I was awakened by the sound of some seriously loud lovemaking in the room next to me.  (at our hotel)  HOLY MOLY. These folks went at it for over two hours (I must admit, I was impressed) and the woman was very very vocal.  Our walls were so thin, I felt like a third party in the whole deal.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep during those two hours.  Oh, but Steven slept through it all.

On our way out early the next morning, I left a nice note under the door of the loud lovers.  Let's just say I repeated one of the expressions I heard repeatedly a few hours earlier.

I do love a weekend getaway.  But, I love coming home even more. 

Thanks Jonny Lang.  Thanks Charlotte.  Thanks Steven.   12  xxx


mel said...

No! You left a note! I bet they really chuckled over that one.

angie128 said...

One, need scoop on People Bingo.

Two, I'm with Mel...I snorted when I read the note under the door part.

You crack me up, Ju Ju.

mel said...

Woa, Ju! Where did all your colors go?

Sorry to say, I do not know anything about Johnny Lange (sp?) but I googled that song...oh me oh my, I could drink a couple of beers over that one. Wow!

JuJu said...

Mel, I needed a change. :-)

He was very young in that video. Very very young!

sherri s. said...

I need a Valium to go through IKEA--no, really, I do! And the hotel room story cracks me up! We had a similar thing where the bed in the room next door just rocked against the wall ALL NIGHT LONG! Had to admire the stamina...

word: fend

I was able to fend off my panic attack in IKEA with a Valium and a Bloody Mary.