Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Milestone

I've got another one I can mark off my "getting old and decrepit" checklist.


I had to pluck two black hairs off my big toe today.


My sex appeal is running at an all time low today....


I'm afraid to look at my chin.


sherri s. said...

Yes, excess hair...WTF? But I've had hairy toes since I was a kid (too much information?).

word: emensc

The Grand Canyon is emensc--I mean, it's REALLY big!

Robin said...

Here's one for 'ya: I can't see my damn toes without readers. And when I'm wearing my readers, I'm apparently not lookin' at my toes. Ha! I could have a wig growing! Hee hee!

mel said...

I have to wear my reading glasses to now see the food on my plate...

Uh oh....speaking of changes, today's word is pregi.

It would be another miracle birth if I were to become pregi again at 56!