Friday, April 29, 2011


Cinderella. Snow White.  Sleeping Beauty.  Kate.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I loved this wedding.

I remember when Charles and Diana married.  I was 19.

Horses, carriages.  Where is the fairy godmother? Seriously, that was the only thing missing.

Hats galore.

Young love.  Flower girls.  Young boys in uniform.


Breakfast hosted by the Queen.

The entire country was closed for the occasion.

I remember William's birth.  I remember seeing him go to school.  I remember seeing him walk behind his mother's casket.


Harry's personality.

Harry's fidgeting.

"You look beautiful..."

Did you see the menu?

They invited the pub landlord to the wedding.

What song did they dance to?

Did they have that formal dance?

Please let their lives be happy.


Grandma K said...

Oh how I agree with it all, but mostly let them be happy. Looking back at Diana's wedding pictures, it seems to me the look wasn't shyness - it was sheer misery.

Here's to the coming new King and his Queen.

Darla said...

Oh how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked so in love! That is what was missing from his Mother and Father's lives...the love. I heard a commentator saying that Diana was worried about where Camilla was and what she was doing. What a sad way to begin a union (can't truly call it a marriage).

But what handsome sons were the product of their union! I am sure Diana was one proud Mum Friday!

mel said...

To their happiness.

sherri s. said...

I loved it! As a confirmed Anglophile, I shed a tear or two (in part because of the sheer loveliness of it all, including Westminster Abbey--I think I cried when I visited it in person, too!). It was all rather perfect, yes? Have you seen the video of the Westminster verger doing a cartwheel down the aisle after it was over--Google it, it's so cute!

word: teropt

The teropt was known to play tag with the velociraptor--it had longer arms so it usually won.

angie128 said...

Fairy tale.
Loved it.
Loved when Harry saw her before William did and leaned over to his brother and said "Wait til you see her."