Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Randomness

I watched the worst movie ever today.  Grown Ups, with Adam Sandler.  It was so bad.  B A D.  David Spade was in it.  I don't care for David Spade.

I also watched a GREAT movie today.  Taylor and I watched Harry Potter 7, Part 1, again today.  I cried, again, when Dobby died.  I can't wait for Part 2.

Bad sports weekend.  ManU lost.  Brother's baseball team lost.

I really don't care for the new Mr. Peanut.  I think he's a bit creepy?  But, I'm glad they kept the monocle.

A phantom cat keeps appearing in our back yard . It's always at dusk, and he sits under the bird feeder.  And, he looks just like Bailey.  It makes the hair stand up on our arms.

I don't like white rice.  Anyone else out there feel the same way?

I went to WalMart today.  I loathe WalMart.  I go there, maybe, once a year.  Today was the day.  Please don't let me end up on one of those, "People of WalMart" emails.

How do auctioneers learn to speak so fast?

I can't decide what I think about Gwyneth Paltrow.  I loved her in Shallow Hal, but in most other things, I think she might annoy me?

Speaking of Shallow Hal, I do love that movie.

Do you still boil eggs and dye them for Easter?  I used to LOVE to do that.  I think I'll need to do that again this year.  And then make egg salad!

Taylor and I heard a toddler crying in WalMart today.  She asked me if she ever dared to do that.  I responded that, of course she did.  She was aghast that she would have ever done such a thing.  Pshaw.

I just re-read this.  I have a lot of  "don't likes" going today.  I need to turn that around.   Liking is so much more attractive than NOT liking.

Happy Holy Week everyone.   Randomness out!


mel said...

I think its the new Mr. Peanut's smile that I don't like.

What did you buy at Walmart?

sherri s. said...

I adore these posts of yours! I loathe Walmart as well and have only been in one twice in my life (one at midnight--creepy: there were some freakin' weird people in there!) I don't like new Mr. Peanut, just as I hate those M*Ms, like you! I love all kinds of rice, actually.

word: slyst

I like slyst avocado on my samiches.