Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Natural Thing to Do

It's been a rough couple days.  All I've been able to think about is Bailey. I miss him every time I turn around.  Tonight, a strange cat appeared in our back yard.  I swear to you, in the fading light of day, both Steven and I swore it was Bailey. 

Funny how things like that happen.

Friday night, I decided I was going to get a tattoo to commemorate Bailey.  Well, actually, the original idea was that all three of us would get one, and get the same thing.  But, after a few days passed, we realized that we are all three different personalities and would honor him in our own way. 

This afternoon, I ventured to Taylor's favorite tattoo place and the nice artist took my idea and perfected it.  You see, I wanted the letter B turned into something Bailey-ish.  I know it's hard to capture cat personality in a tattoo, but I think he did it.  He designed one thing for me and something completely different for Taylor. 

By the way, why do all tattoo shops look like this?  And why are tigers and dragons so popular in tattoo lore?

I wonder if Taylor was enjoying the tattoo process or the idea of me being in pain more?

Are you watching American Idol?  I think this was Casey Abrams doing my tattoo.
Oh, and nice hair I've got going on.  Looks like someone needs a deep conditioner.

So, are you ready for the reveal?  
Even though I know I'll never forget Bailey, and that he'll always have a big part of my heart, I now feel like I'm carrying around a little bit of him with me.

By the way, thank you to all of you who have sent me such supportive wishes and love.  It is truly appreciated.  xxx


Grandma K said...

The artist really did a good job. I know you are pleased with it.

sherri s. said...

You're brave...I'm skeered of tattoos (ouch), though I'd like to have some little dog footprints somewhere. Maybe someday...What a nice tribute to Bailey!

wordL rejuif

I feel rejuif[enated] after a massage and sauna.

Mary said...


mel said...

That is so adorable and a fitting tribute to Bailey.