Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Vintage Style

Remember these two words:  Pussy Willow.
And, then, please tell me, just what does a pussy willow have to do with Easter? As I perused Easter pics last night, I noticed that the pussy willow shows up repeatedly.  Is this a tradition I am unaware of?  Peeps, eggs, chocolate and pussy willows?  And, I think this little chick in the big funny clown pants is using the pussy willow as a whip?  I'm not sure how LOVING that is?

WHOA!  What the heck?  Seriously, if someone gave me this bouquet, I'd have heart failure.  These gals are scary as H E double toothpicks.

For some reason, this reminds me of Easter meets Thanksgiving meets the Titanic.  I don't see this ending well.  Granted, those hats are awesome, and I do like that one chick's messenger bag, but this is not going to be successful.  First off, look at the crew.  They won't make it through one night.  And, it looks like all they have are a bunch of eggs to eat.  That is going to be one stinky boat.

PUSSY WILLOW.  And Hitler.  Well, that's what I see.  So "Easter-like."

Pussy Willow and Pussy Cat.
Three pussy cats just waiting to pounce and eat the newborn chick.  Yes, Happy Easter!
Cats and birds are enemies.  
I don't know about the pussy willow though.

And finally, the scary freakish sailor boy/girl feeding the chickens.  Lambs in the background and no pussy willow. THIS is Easter to me.  Although, that rooster looks like he's going to cause some trouble.

Happy  Easter to all of you!


mel said...

This is what I live for!

sherri s. said...

Oh my, WHERE do you find these?! The creepy children will give me nightmares, and the chickens boarding a poultry Titanic--ha!!!

According to some website I found that talks about Easter symbols: "Pussy Willows are especially picked at Easter in England and Russia. People would tap each other on the shoulders with a branch of the pussy willow for good luck." Hmmm...

word: knotar

I have a terrible knotar between my shoulder blades--where's my massage?!

Grandma K said...

The Victorians were an odd bunch! Those pictures that were, I'm sure, were supposed to be sweet. Uh, not so much.

Happy Belated Easter to you