Sunday, August 15, 2010

70's Party

You know, fashion wasn't so great in the 70's.

And, 70's fashion redone in 2010, for a 40th birthday celebration, is even worse. 

My formative years were the 70's, and I had my share of polyester in the closet.  But, I don't think I ever owned anything like what I saw last night!

We attended a surprise 40th birthday celebration, and all guests were asked to dress in 70's garb, ala Studio 54.  Our hostess had the house (which happened to be at the beach) decked out nicely with disco balls, lights and lots of Gloria Gaynor blaring.  It was a fun night and a great way to welcome someone into their 40's.

I did not embarrass anyone (including myself) by doing the Hustle.   Gitta did her best to teach some of the boys how to disco dance.  They just couldn't grasp this most basic move!  I guess they're too young.

I wanted to wear some blue eyeliner, but didn't have any.

There were way too many creepy mustaches in attendance. However, I am happy to report that Steven shaved his first thing this morning.  And, I aint "Jive Talking."


angie128 said...

Shake your groove thing JuJu!

sherri s. said...

Oh, yeah...the teen disco always saw me on Friday nights! The great part was that you didn't have to dance with anyone (no one asked me!)--you could just "Do the Hustle." Ah, good times. Yes, the clothes...kind of a horror show, really...I'm not sure I looked cute from about 1975 until 1980. Looks like quite a fun time (why don't my friends ever have parties like this?!).

Word: uperentl

I was uperentl 2 a.m. doing the Hustle with JuJu.