Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last Batch of Beach Pix (until September)

Just a few more pictures to share with you that reflect my time at Folly with my wonderful nephews, my brother and sister in law.  Viva la Jellyfish!

How cool is this shark?  It was actually a mini swimming pool thing.  I love the smile.

Some family shots.  Steven had chips in his mouth for both of these pictures.  :-)

This is probably my favorite picture I took the entire trip.  Ty was reading on the beach with his cool hat and shades.

The top of my ultra favorite beach tent.

Here's the house where we stayed.  I think this picture looks like a postcard!

The obligatory feet picture...

And, finally, my surfer dude nephew/godson.  I love him more than my luggage.

It was a great beach week!


mel said...

The place where you stayed looks gorgeous!

I covet that all white kitchen. Of course, if it were mine I would be afraid to touch anything for fear of making it dirty....

Darla said...

Judi, ya gotta share the location of the house! The Layton side is looking for some place to to land next beach time.

FB me or send it to

I love the beach. Oh, did the house have a pool?

sherri s. said...

I'm envious of Ty, in the shade, on the beach, reading a good book! Of course, if I weren't spending so much time on my comuter (ahem), I too could be reading a good book! It looks like a fab time...

And welcome, Mel, to the word game! The real trick is to use the word you's tempting to not type it in, hit publish, then see what the NEXT word is--not that I ever do that! (ha!)

word: foscab

The pirate had a fo'scab from falling off the fo'castle. (Ah, nautical terminology...arrrrh).

angie128 said...

House is gorgeous. Looks like mucho fun.