Monday, August 30, 2010


I just typed these words into Google:

Why is my cat pooping in my bathroom?

I have to find it amusing.  Really.  I do.  Regardless of why, one thing I know for sure is that it is very intentional on his part.

For the last few days, Domino (#3 of 4 cats) has decided to poop on the bath mat in our bathroom.  Last night, it woke me from a dead sleep at 4:30 am.  People.  NOT the way one wants to be woken.

Domino is about 9 years old.  He's never done anything like this.  He's actually the litter box tidier.  If anything is able to be seen, he takes care of it.  He's like the flusher for everyone else. 

 I don't know.  Maybe he's on strike.  Maybe he's tired of the other three cats not pulling their weight, or rather, pulling their litter.  Maybe he doesn't like the new bath mat and is sharing his opinion with us?  Steven bought them brand new boxes and new litter, so I'm hoping that cures what ails him.  (Other than this, his behavior is completely normal.  Well, normal for him.)

Either way, I'm a tad bit afraid to go to sleep tonight.  It's not real pleasant to wake up to reconstituted Friskies.

And, what did you type into Google today?

[picture by Steven]


SPT said...

Fascinating. My neighbor has to leave her bathroom door closed or her cat does the same thing. It is the only place she will ever poop other than her little box. I will have to ask my neighbor.

sherri s. said...

How odd...stealth pooping; I hope kitty is OK... True story: my dad was the HR director for a cosmetics factory in the 1980s, and they had a disgruntled employee who would, um, defecate, around the factory (a big deal, sanitation and FDA rules, etc.; he never did it out on the "clean floor," more in hallways, but still!). He was dubbed the Phantom Shi**er by my dad. They caught him, eventually. Gee-ross!

word: ingelag

Ingelag, outgelag, all around the gelag...{sing-song voice}.

Darla said...

As an owner of 4 cats, myself, I have to say that I have not had that happen, thank goodness. One of our cats will still spray on Rebecca's shower curtain...yuck.

Now a question for you: were you awakened by the smell? I guess that is much better than stepping in it on the way to the commode!!!

When Elroy was a puppy, and not house trained yet, that smell would wake me up from a dead sleep! Not a fun thing to do at 2 in the morning. :)

mel said...

Regardless - - what a beautiful cat!