Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jigglin JuJu

I'm trying to think up my Roller Derby name.

You see, we went to a Roller Derby bout last night, and all the gals had the best names.  Back Stabbath.  Red Dread.  Goldee Headlocks.  Tranquilliza.  So, it's only natural that I think up a name for myself.

Even though there's no way I could do what these girls did.  They skated and skated and skated.  And pushed and pushed and fell down and got up again, and didn't ONCE lose their cool.  Me?  I would have been po'ed after the first lap!  Not the Low Country High Rollers.  They were cool as cucumbers.  No fighting, clean skating, and no trash talking that I could see or hear.

The bout was held at McCalister Fieldhouse, which is where Citadel basketball games are played.  Do you know anything about the Citadel?  (Lords of Discipline, Pat Conroy novels?)  Well, it's a military college steeped in tradition.  I had a little giggle thinking about what the founding fathers would say about the "Debutante Brawl."

It was actually a very interesting evening, and the bout was very family friendly.  The kids seemed to love it and ran the track during halftime.  (WHY do kids do this?  It made me tired just watching them)  The ladies were good athletes, great entertainers, and really played to the crowd. 

And, after all the skating, the falling and the bumping, the local team was victorious.  Was there bad blood between the teams?  Not at all.  They posed for a picture with both teams.  With smiles.  And all their teeth.  And pride at a job well done.  And some kind of female bonding that men would never do.

So, what would YOUR Roller Derby name be?


angie128 said...

Probably something like Thunder Thyz or Big Buttz.

sherri s. said...

I LURVE roller derby and pondered, for more than a brief moment, about joining up! Then I thought about broken bones and decided...maybe not. Also? I wouldn't look as cute in those fishnets and miniskirts. My name would be Hormonal Hortensia! Grrrr...

word: aundulfe

Aundulfe was Gandalf's ice-skating half-brother (Lord of the Rink).