Thursday, August 12, 2010

The MonyTail

Steven and I were on the way to work this morning and I saw a dude on a motorcycle.  He had extremely long hair, done up in a ponytail.  Seeing him led to a discussion of hair on men, and Steven suggested I devote a post to it.  Thank you dear! 

[by the way, Steven is looking for a nickname for himself here on my blog.   Any suggestions?  PW has Marlboro Man, Angie has the Captain.  He suggested "the foreigner" but I don't really like that one.  Besides, it has too many letters and too much of a chance for a misspelling.  Anyway, if you have a suggestions, lemme know!]

Okay, so I'm not normally a fan of long hair on a man.  I usually like a very short clean cut, if not completely bald.  I do like the bald look.   But, if a man is going to have a ponytail, I think there are some that work, and some that don't.  Here's my version of what works and doesn't. 

I guess this is the mini pony; kind of a Shetland Pony of ponytails?  To me, it's a bad version of the rat tail.  No Likey.

Frankly, it doesn't matter what he does with his hair.  Long, short, bald, spiked, colored, or ponytailed, it always works. 

No.   No.   No.  I'm not buying it.

I like dreds.  Usually they are accompanied by an athletic person, so I appreciate that as well.  I will presume he takes good care of his dreds and that they dont' smell, and I'll give it a like!

To me, this screams arrogance and insecurity.  Oh, and wannabe.

I might be alone on this one, but I like.  I think it's whimsical.  And, I'm a bit jealous.  I wish I had hair long enough for this one.   This look is a tricky one though, I'm not sure the average Joe could pull it off.

And, finally, the Hall of Famer:

Never.  Never.  Never. 


sherri s. said...

I don't love any of these, frankly (though I agree, Becks can do no wrong--until he speaks in that rather high-pitched voice, which is mitigated by the lurvely accent, which, wow, you get to hear all the time, lucky girl). And that first photo? I thought when I clicked over here that it was an elephant's butt...

word: pramopla

Bet you didn't know that Oprah had a long-lost sister, Pramopla.

mel said...

David Beckham - there is something about that man that makes me think he is probably the best lover in the world. It makes no difference what hairdo he has.

Is that the guy from LOST with the poodle-do?

For Steven, I love SPT's 'the Big Brit'.

word: untendon

I had no untendon of wronging you.

Jan, David, Rose and Grace said...

I'm a fan of longer hair on a man, but not a fan of hair accessories on a man. Leave it loose, please. Men shouldn't have a stash of Goody ponytail holders.

I ALWAYS enjoy David Beckham, though. He can do whatever he wants with his hair.

Darla said...

Beckham is the bomb!! The wife, not so much. :(

The jury is out on the long hair. There have been some men that I totally envy the lovely locks, and then those when I wish I had a pair of scissors.

I will give you my opinion on Steven's blog name after we meet! It's kind of personal that way. :)