Monday, August 23, 2010

Brain Picking

Everyone is back to school now.  Taylor started back today, and Jake starts law school on Wednesday.  Is it just me, or did this summer fly by in a blink?  I honestly feel like I just posted my Memorial Day post, and here we are one week away from Labor Day.

As Mondays go, this one was pretty good.  No one called in sick at work, the a/c worked at the office, I got to see Taylor for a few minutes, and dinner was yummy.  I will take that as a win.

We are going to Atlanta this weekend to see Jonny Lang play at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  There are so many things right about that.  In addition, I'll be seeing my friends, Darla and Jeff.  We went to high school together in Indiana, and haven't seen each other for thirty years.  How fun is that!!

Anjeanette brought India to work today.  This child just makes me smile.  I played the, "don't you dare smile" game with her, and she won.  I always broke into a smile with that one, and it would make me SO mad!!!  That young lady is going to cause some heartache in her life!!

The finale of RHONJ is tonight.  Thank goodness.  The reunion show is upcoming, but at least I won't be watching that horrible Danielle anymore. 

Taylor has another tattoo.  A little background for you---my grandmother's name is Amelia.  Taylor is named for her.  (Taylor Amelia)  She also has many nicknames, Miki, Mimi, Milcha...  Well, Taylor now has "Milcha" on the side of her hand.    I'd love to see my grandma's take on that!

How was your Monday?


SPT said...

Wow! How honored would your grandma be!!! (Even if she wasn't a tattoo lover. Do you have any tatoos, Ju?

mel said...

Does Ju have any tatoos????

Does JU have any tatoos????

Wait, let me think a bit...

angie128 said...

Wait - what? Labor Day is in a week?!? *sigh*

sherri s. said...

I know, summer, where did it go? I never really did anything summery (except go to the fair). How does time speed up so much when we get, ahem, older?

word: ephor

Come on in out of the rain ephor you get soaked!

Darla said...

Cool, but way ouch for Taylor! She must have a super high pain tolerance level! Pushing out babies will be a snap for her. :)

Personally, I am ready to say farewell to Summer. It has been blasted hot her in ATL, and am so ready to sleep with the windows open, and a light blanket on the bed. Ah, a little slice of heaven!